This year, we will again have a fun and inclusive social program for everyone. Establishing and caring for our community is extremely important to us. Thus, besides Talks and Poster sessions, we have plenty of opportunities for you to meet and socialize with other attendees:

  • Day 2, Wednesday. 18:30-20:30. Reception@Potsdam. To get the conference started, we will have a reception with light snacks so you can afterwards head to the city with your new colleagues 🥤🥨🍻
  • Day 3, Thursday. 18:00-22:00. Banquet@Potsdam->Berlin. This is the main social event. We will have a fantastic dinner, and to further establish the tradition, it will be on the river on a 🚢 After “Panel Discussion 2: AutoML, Trunstworthiness & Alignment” we will walk together to the bus pickup to transfer to the pier. You will be dropped off in “Berlin Moabit”, close to the Lessingbrücke, which is nearby the recommended hotels.
  • Day 4, Friday, 20:30-22:00. Informal closing event@Berlin. We’ll book a few tables at a bar to round off the conference 🍹🥤🍻

In addition, we will also have:

  • Roundtable lunch(es) Every day, we will have tables with dedicated topics where you can meet, discuss, exchange and connect with peers. Of course, there will also be lunch. Please find the topics for each day here.

For our online attendees, we will also have exclusive social events:

  • Online research speed dating @ Gather Town. We match online attendees into small groups on their research interests. Let’s introduce our research and meet with new people.
  • Do you want to talk more with the people met at the conference? We have online channels: Discord and Gather Town to communicate with each other.

Finally, throughout the conference, we will have other mini-events like research speed dating to get you in touch with new people. Stay tuned while we update this list 🚧

Last Edited : Aug 24, 2023