The poster session will use video screens (not physical posters), so that online and in-person participants can both participate in the same poster session.

Authors: please prepare a poster pdf in landscape mode with aspect ratio 16:9 (ideally 1920x1080p, and minimum 1067x600p). The screens will be 46’’ and 1920x1080p. Please finish your poster by September 5th, and email it to

Poster presentations have been scheduled and the information may be found here: Please note that posters will be presented in both a morning and afternoon (local time) session to maximize exposure/worldwide time-zone compatibility. If at all possible you should attend both of these sessions and inform us at if you cannot attend one.

For presenters physically present at the conference, the venue will provide a screen with HDMI cable, a wired LAN connection and a webcam with integrated microphone. It would be great if participants can bring a laptop, a power adaptor, and connectors for the HDMI cable and wired LAN (if your computer does not already have HDMI and LAN ports). If presenters have a wearable microphone, we would also encourage bringing this along to improve audio quality for the online participants. Wifi should work, but as we know it is sometimes unstable at conferences. For presenters attending virtually, please email us at so that we can accommodate your virtual poster.

Finding Paper Channels in Discord
  1. Go to the AutoML Server
  2. Click on “Channels & Roles” in the top left
  3. Click on Browse Channels
  4. Search for a paper title
    • Note: For ease of search, paper titles are prepended with main, journal, abcd or workshop
    • Note: Instead of a spaces (" “) you have to use dashes (”-") between words in the paper title

Last Edited : Sep 08, 2023